About Tracy

Sit Stay Dog School is owned and operated by Tracy Everitt who has been a full time trainer since 2010. Tracy absolutely loves her work and believes it to be incredibly rewarding participating in the journey that people embark upon when introducing a puppy or dog into their life.

Positive reinforcement is used in her training as it has been scientifically proven to be the most effective and humane method of working with not only pet dogs, but all animals. Tracy has a strong scientific background having studied Bachelor of Science, Animal Science in New Zealand, worked as a field biologist in England with WILDCRU, Oxford University’s Wild Life Conservation Research Unit and participated in studies examining primate behaviour in captive environments. A move to Canada saw involvement in a study tracking movement of grizzly bears in the Arctic. The canine

connection solidified with a role as a sled dog trainer and guide in the Canadian Arctic. Working with huskies and the public was a challenge that brought much enjoyment and she has pursued this ever since.

She is a current member of the Australian Pet Dog Trainers Association (APDT), Pet Professional Guild (PPG)  and IAABC International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants. She has completed an Animal Psychology Diploma (Distinction), is a Karen Pryor Puppy Start Right Graduate and being committed to ensuring that all behavioural advice is always current and up to date she is enrolled in The Dog Trainers Academy under world renowned Trainer Jean Donaldson and is also completing her Advanced Animal Psychology Diploma.  Tracy regularly attends conferences, webinars and seminars as ongoing training is essential to remain at the forefront of behavioural science.

It’s not only about starting out right with new puppies, it’s about helping make the most of every dog.







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