All the Answers

Puppies can attend 7 days after their first vaccination.  The course is designed for puppies aged between 8 – 15 weeks at the start of the course.

You can pay by Bank Transfer or by Credit Card or Cash at the first class. If you are paying cash you must confirm your attendance via sms or email.

Attendance is limited to 2 people per puppy unless by prior arrangement.

Pre-Enrolment is required due to the fact that spaces in class are limited to 5 or 6 puppies depending on the venue.

Send your contact details plus the name, age and breed of your puppy and the location you wish to attend class at to sitstay@outlook.com.au you will receive a confirmation email with payment instructions.

Unfortunately no catchup sessions can be guaranteed, however if possible you may be offered the opportunity to attend a class at a different location or do a 15 minute key points session immediately prior to or after your next class.

Positive Reinforcement is used in all training undertaken at Sit Stay Dog School. Reward Based Training involves rewarding your dog for behaviours you wish to see repeated. Sometimes this can be a favourite game, toy or food.

You get a more strongly conditioned response if you use more than just praise. Food is often one of the most powerful motivators for your dog

No, you are giving payment for a job completed!

Family participation is definitely encouraged as it is important that everyone learns how to act around the puppy. Rotating family members each week is recommended so that everyone gets some individual ‘puppy time’.

A ‘Crate’ is essentially an indoor kennel space. It provides a safe, comfortable place that new pups or dogs can be left in when you are out or too busy to supervise them properly. It can assist with teaching your puppy bladder control, settling in the house and how to be comfortable when alone.

Puppy biting is a normal developmental process. Puppies tend to use their mouth the way we use our hands to explore the world and play. Surviving this phase can be challenging without proper supervision, lots of toys and time-outs for biting too hard.  You will get assistance with how to deal with this in class.