Weekday Play & Train

$65 (+gst)/ session (variable timeframe 30-55mins)

A supplement for those already enrolled in training, exclusively for pets home alone. Ideal to help those with separation distress.

  • These are innovative enrichment programmes involving physical and mental exercise for your dog based upon their individual needs and your specific goals.
  • Available for when you are out and your pet would otherwise be left alone.
  • Available Monday-Thursday 9:30am-4pm subject to location and availability.
  • Each customised plan provides a variety of activities including but not limited to: toilet training, noise reactivity, polite walking, manners training, interactive play (fetch, tug or hide and seek) supervised mental exercise through search and treat puzzle games and maintenance of behaviour modification programs.

It’s like having a personal trainer and in-home tutor for your dog all rolled into one!

  • The busy professional with a work schedule that doesn’t allow enough time to invest in training and exercise.
  • Puppies and young dogs in order to maximise training opportunities during critical learning periods.
  • Dogs with behavioural issues such as fear reactivity or resource guarding who are unable to take advantage of other options.
  • Dogs that are highly energetic and intelligent who need a little extra.
  • Anybody who wants to make their dog’s life as fulfilling and enjoyable as possible.

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